Weve compiled a list of frequently asked questions relating to our website.
  • Can I put my banner on your website?
    Not only you can, but you should! Its an effective tool to advertise your product/service. Read all about banner advertisement on our website here: http://www.jobs.ge/eng/services/#banner
  • Would it increase my chances if I apply for all job openings?
    No, in fact it will decrease your chances to ever find a job. You see, every time employers post a job ad, they get hundreds of applications, majority of which are from non-qualified candidates. It is annoying and unprofessional to apply for a job that you dont qualify for. If you keep applying for job openings that are not related to your education, experience and skills, chances are high that employers wont contact you for a job that your qualify for, simply because that they dont want to hear about you. We understand that youre desperate to find a job, but please respect your potential employer and theyll respect your professionalism.
  • I applied for a job numerous times, but no one invited me to an interview. Whats the deal?
    There may be several reasons: 1. You apply for jobs that you dont qualify for; 2. Youre good, but your resume is not. All those typos, errors and lack of details about your past experience kill your interview chances; 3. Competition is stiff - youre good, but someone is better.

    Heres our advice: Stick with the rules and keep trying.
  • Why are some ads only in English?
    We respect the interest of certain employers to advertise their job openings only in English - because they want to hear only from English-speakers. In such case we provide Georgian translation of some basic details about the job, and youll have to switch to the English version to read the full text.

    On the other hand, since the introduction of bilingual interface of our website, we saw the number of Georgian-only ads significantly increasing. We hope that majority of ads will eventually be published in both Georgian and English.
  • Would Jobs.GE recruit staff for me?
    Jobs.GE simply delivers job announcements to jobseekers, who apply to employers directly. If youre interested in headhunting service, please refer to our partner company InSource: http://www.insource.ge
  • Why choose Jobs.GE?
    There are many reasons to prefer Jobs.GE to other similar websites. Were the oldest, largest and most reliable resource for job, education and funding opportunities in Georgia. To learn about all the advantages of using our website, visitwww.jobs.ge/eng/whyjobsge or read our clients testimonials at www.jobs.ge/eng/testimonials
  • Who runs Jobs.GE?
    Jobs.GE website and subscription list were started by Lexo Khubulava on a volunteer basis back in 1998. Later in 2004 he founded Jobs.GE LLC, which currently owns and runs this venture.
  • Does Jobs.GE actually help job-seekers?
    The way Jobs.GE operates is very simple - we obtain job announcements from employers directly and provide them to job-seekers directly. The success of the job search depends on job-seekers qualification, experience and personal skills.
  • How many people have found jobs through Jobs.GE?
    We have no exact statistics, but the mere fact that during the last four years Jobs.GE remained one of them most popular websites in Georgia means that we keep getting people employed.
  • I sent you my CV, but there was no reply…
    We dont accept CVs from job-seekers. You should apply to respective employers directly.
  • Why do some employers prefer to remain anonymous?
    Certain employers reserve the right to remain anonymous for a number of reasons (e.g. to avoid corporate espionage or requests for preferential treatment of specific candidates). In any case, we retain contact information of all anonymous employers.
  • Are all announcement listed on Jobs.GE valid?
    Yes, since their authors paid to get them published. Outdated announcements are automatically deleted.
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