Ad title: IT Manager/System Administrator
Provided by: Dasta Records Management
Published: Mar 5 / Deadline: Apr 5

Dasta Records Management is looking for an IT Manager/System Administrator in its archive and operations center in Tbilisi.

Dasta Records Management ("Dasta") is Georgia`s first records management company, offering physical archive outsourcing, document digitization, and secure document destruction. The company was founded in January 2014 by a group of Georgian, American, French and Dutch investors.

Duties and responsibilities:

** Manage and monitor existing server hardware and software on a daily basis and respond immediately to security or usability concerns
** Manage backups and periodically test backup restores
** Manage network hardware and branch interconnectivity
** Manage user accounts and permissions
** Provide end-user support to Dasta employees and Clients
** Provide customer support on the phone and online
** Purchase new hardware and software as needed
** Install and test computer-related equipment
** Participate in the delivery of IT projects.

Required qualifications:

** Some degree in Computer Science or another technical field
** Excellent written and spoken Georgian
** A basic understanding of written and spoken English
** Experience working in a Windows Server environment, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS
** Experience troubleshooting end-user issues
** Good knowledge of computer hardware and networking
** 3 years of experience in systems administration
** Well-organized and extreme attention to detail
** Hard-working, with a strong sense of responsibility.

What Dasta offers you:

** The opportunity to work with an international team
** A fun and dynamic work environment
** Opportunities for career advancement if you do well and learn fast.

To apply, please send your CV before 5 April 2018 by using the form at:ვაკანსიები (Please indicate the position you are applying for - "System Administrator").

More About Dasta:

At Dasta, we do things a bit differently. We partner with major Georgian companies and handle their information: we organize it, we store it, and we deliver it. The information we handle is essential to our Clients. And we cannot afford mistakes. We have to get it right. The First Time. Every. Single. Time.

We are also building a completely new industry in Georgia: the records and information management industry. We are doing things that company has ever done before in this country. We are unlike a vast majority of Georgian companies. Our competitive edge is being more professional, more organized and more service oriented than any other company - Client or competitor - in the country. If you want a typical office job, working at Dasta might not be the right thing for you. In fact, it probably isn`t for most people. It takes a special kind of person to succeed at Dasta. Our employees come from an array of backgrounds, but all are embracing the road less travelled.

Here are some of the things that we do that might not appeal to you:

** Details: We are compulsively obsessed with details. In order to serve our clients well, we need to get the details right every single time. We constantly check our work and the work of our colleagues to make sure that we don`t make mistakes.
** Customer focus: We put our customers first. We do our best to meet their requests, and always take their calls, even after working hours.
** Technology: We are an IT-focused company. We are Excel power users, and live inside our special records management software. We are happy to teach you, but we expect you to be willing and eager to learn.
** Hard work: We work hard. Very hard. The key to success is, to a reasonable extent, putting in the effort required. We learn by pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, not by doing what we already know how to do at a leisurely pace. If you can`t imagine working past 19:00 or on some Sundays when needed, this job is likely not for you.
** Feedback: We give you real feedback. If you do something wrong, we will tell you, and you will learn from it. We will be honest with you, and let you know what your weaknesses are. However, we will also tell you how to improve. Just be open.

However, perhaps you are one of those people for whom Dasta is a great place to work. Here are some of the possible reasons why:

** Learning: You will learn extremely fast. We will push your limits, and you will discover that you can do things that you had never considered possible.
** Responsibility: You will be given responsibility, and you will be expected to make your own decisions. You will quickly learn how to take ownership of a project and assume responsibility.
** International exposure: You will work in an international environment. Our management team and shareholders are very international, and we work a lot with international vendors. If you don`t know English already, you will definitely learn it.

If you end up at Dasta, things will change. You will catch the Dasta bug. Never will you be able to look at something again without spotting mistakes in the details that you wouldn`t even have thought about before you started working at Dasta. Never will you be able to look at a mess again without feeling the need to organize it. Never will you be able to have a normal job again, without being constantly challenged and constantly learning!

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