Ad title: Master`s Degree in Economics
Provided by: ISET - International School of Economics at TSU
Published: Feb 9 / Deadline: Apr 30

Master`s Degree in Economics

ISET - The International School of Economics at TSU is opening the annual application process for its highly prestigious Master`s Degree Program in Economics. ISET`s curriculum mirrors the best programs in the U.S. and Western Europe, and is taught in English by international professors.

Applications for admission in 2018 are accepted online ( The deadline for applications is April 30, 2018. Admission exams will be held simultaneously in Baku, Tbilisi, and Yerevan in early May 2018.

All students accepted into the Master`s program without a strong background in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics will have an opportunity to take part in a Summer Course covering key topics in these subjects to prepare for their studies at ISET (3 weeks in August 2018).

All accepted students will be invited to study tuition-free during the first miniterm (8 weeks in September-October 2018).

Tuition and Financial Aid:

** Living Stipends: outstanding regional students are granted monthly stipends in the amount of USD 75-200, depending on performance.
** Housing: students from Armenia and Azerbaijan are eligible for free housing in an ISET-rented apartment. In case of demonstrated need, Georgian students whose families reside outside Tbilisi will also be considered for housing support.
** Merit-based Scholarships: all outstanding applicants are eligible for merit-based scholarships up to the full cost of tuition. All successful regional students are offered partial scholarships.
** Student Loans: ISET offers a low-cost bank loan program to help students cover the cost of their education.
** Georgian Government Grants: Students receiving Georgian government grants may apply them toward the cost of tuition at ISET.

Outstanding Future Career Prospects:

** International student exchanges: second-year students are offered the opportunity to participate in summer schools and research workshops with our partners in Norway and Switzerland. Students in the Energy Economics concentration will have the option of spending one semester at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen.
** Enrollment in applied concentrations, such as Agricultural Economics, Energy Economics, Macroeconomic Policy, Private Sector Development, Economic Theory and Human Resources, implemented in partnership with the Norwegian School of Economics, University of Lausanne, and other international university partners.
** Employment and professional internships: from a total of 316 ISET graduates, with the exception of those studying abroad, 98% is currently employed. Moreover, they all occupy professional, analytical positions. ISET offers internship opportunities with the ISET Policy Institute, as well as government agencies, private companies and international organizations, such as the World Bank and EBRD London office.
** Placement in the most prestigious PhD programs in the US and Europe: our graduates are currently studying at Stanford University, University of Chicago, New York University, Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Warwick and University of Leicester among many others, with full funding.

How to apply:

For Regional Applicants (from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) the admission process consists of three main stages: (1) online submission of an application package, (2) admission exams, and (3) interview, if necessary. Georgian citizens are required to pass the Georgian National Master`s Exams in order to enroll at ISET.

Apply now:

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Maya Surguladze
Tel: +995 322 507 177 (ext. 104)

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