Ad title: Exchange study opportunities for judges
Provided by: East-West Management Institute
Published: Feb 8 / Deadline: Feb 25
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The United States Agency for International Development, through the East-West Management Institute-implemented Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia Activity (PROLoG), is pleased to be expanding its activities to further strengthen the professional capacity of individual civil and administrative judges in Georgia to work effectively and efficiently, and to provide additional opportunities to acquire skills in such areas as leadership, change management, court management, judicial ethics and judicial discipline. This further capacity development will be achieved by supporting activities that will enable Georgian judges to have more direct interactions with U.S. judges, administrators, and judicial educators. As part of these activities, PROLoG will design a number of activities to bring Georgian civil and administrative judges to the United States.

Overview: This application is for two specific types of exchange opportunities, both of which require that participants have at least upper-level intermediate English ability (equivalent to at least Cambridge Level B2 or IELTS Level 6) and also be familiar with English legal terminology. Both opportunities are open for judges from any court, but are not open to magistrate judges.

Reno study opportunity: The eight-day training visit to the National Judicial College (NJC) in Reno, Nevada is tentatively scheduled for June 2-10, 2018. It is anticipated that up to six civil or administrative judges will be selected. Participants will take the NJC`s course on "Leadership for Judges."

Secondment opportunity: Prior to October 2018, two Georgian civil or administrative judges will be sent on separate trips to the U.S. for intensive one-week secondments with a U.S. court. During each one-week secondment, a Georgian judge will be paired with one or more U.S. judges, and will observe how U.S. judges operate both inside and outside the courtroom. The secondments are tentatively scheduled for May 2018 and August 2018.

Judges for these exchange opportunities will be selected by a committee of experts led by USAID through an objective and fair process in which all judges with the same qualifications receive equal treatment. The selection for this trip will be based on the following criteria:

** English ability sufficient to fully participate in the opportunity.
** The participant`s ability to benefit from the opportunity and to both use and share the knowledge gained upon their return to Georgia.
** Judicial trainers will be given preference for the Reno Study Opportunity, but other judges will also be considered for the Reno Study Opportunity.
** Judges from all instance courts (excluding magistrate judges) will be considered for both opportunities.

All applicants must submit a copy of their CV along with this form. A photograph is requested but optional.

If you have any questions on completing this form, please contact Elene Gabelaia at or 577 255 575.

Please complete and return the background information form in English. The form should be returned to no later than 23:59 on Sunday, 25 February 2018. Failure to fully provide all information may cause the Selection Committee to disqualify your application.

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