Ad title: Project Administrator
Provided by: Georgia CDR
Published: Feb 7 / Deadline: Mar 7

Georgia CDR is seeking a candidate for a full-time position of Project Administrator through September 2018 with the possibility of extension at that time. Georgia CDR is a non-profit organization operating in the Republic of Georgia that is focused on implementing community development and disaster relief projects, primarily in rural undeveloped parts of the country.

The objective of the position is to help facilitate the research, planning, and implementation of all aspects of the projects Georgia CDR will be undertaking. The selected candidate should be available to start no later than two weeks after the final selection date.

The employee will use his knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully accomplish the following tasks:

** Provide general translation for Georgia CDR personnel and volunteers.
** Locate and facilitate contact with local and national government officials and act as a liaison in relation to project selection, research, implementation, and completion.
** Research processes and procedures in relation to projects as well as any laws or regulations that cover areas regarding them.
** Research and identify and government or international programs, projects, or grants that relate to the work of Georgia CDR.
** Perform general research related to Georgia CDR`s overall work that may include gathering information and producing reports derived from census and mapping data, resource allocation and needs, economic factors within a community, and more.
** Organize and coordinate logistical needs such as locating and procuring translation services, project equipment, as well as scheduling resources for projects, event planning for meetings and ceremonies, as well as arranging the lodging, transportation, and meals for specialists and volunteers engaged in one or more of our projects.
** Regularly travel to and from project sites to act as a project liaison.
** Facilitate the translation of written documents and materials as well as coordinate meetings and activities.
** Identify and procure skilled labor and services in relation to the operation of Georgia CDR and the implementation of its projects.
** Facilitate the development of public awareness materials and activities related to the promotion of Georgia CDR`s work and activities.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications and skills:

** At least 2 years of general work experience preferably related to the above tasks.
** Fluent in Georgian, English, and Russian. Fluency in Azerbaijani would also be beneficial.
** Self-motivated, reliable, organized and able to manage their time well.
** Able to communicate well in verbal and written forms.
** Able and open to being trained in new methods and ideas.
** Able to listen to diverse views and new ideas and moderate their own opinions and views.
** Able to work well independently or with others in a team environment.
** Basic computer and productivity software skills.
** Ability to present information to small and large groups.

Interested candidates should send a CCV and any reference documents in English to:

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