Ad title: Tender on Provision of Security Guard Services
Provided by: EUMM - EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia
Published: Feb 6 / Deadline: Mar 6

EUMM Georgia is pleased to announce Tender on Provision of Security Guard Services to the EUMM Georgia.

Publication reference: EuropeAid/139479/DH/SER/GE
Procedure: International Restricted
Programme title: CFSP/2017/34/EUMM Georgia
Financing: Financing agreement
Contracting Authority: The European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM)
Nature of contract: Fee-based

Contract description:

Physical protection of the assets (persons, equipment and premises) of the EUMM at its headquarters in Tbilisi as well as at its field offices and the forward base to fully enable EUMM staff to perform its activities and duties in conformity with the best possible standards in matter of safety and security in the place of work and staff members` accommodations. The Contracting Authority may, at its own discretion extend this service contract.

Indicative budget: 1,180,000.00 EUR (590,000.00 EUR or its equivalent amount in Georgian Lari (GEL) per year).
Intended timing of publication of the contract notice: First half of March 2018
Additional information: N/A

Legal basis: Council Decision 2017/2263/CFSP of 08 December 2017 and CFSP/2017/34/EUMM Georgia

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