Ad title: Server and Cloud Applications Test Engineer
Provided by: Product Savvy
Published: Dec 29 / Deadline: Jan 29

Product Savvy is an American company with a subsidiary operation in Georgia - Looking for top Software Development Talent. Are you an experienced software developer with a passion to work with leading edge technology startups? Do you want to grow your career by working with a firm using modern technologies and techniques?

Product Savvy is a product acceleration company that focuses on product management and product development management for start-ups and fast growing companies. We are growing the firm`s presence in Georgia and need software engineers to build out a global team that is serving startup clients in the US and around the world.

Job Details: We are currently seeking out an experienced Server and Cloud Applications Test Engineer.

The position will include:

** Performing various levels of testing of new software features, as well as regression testing
** Developing detailed test execution plans and scripts
** Mapping requirements to test cases
** Migrating existing test plans into scripts for automated regression testing - optional
** Maintaining test data repository
** Collaborating with developers other members of the team in testing requirements and release planning
** Responsible for identifying, logging, tracking and escalating bugs
** Verifying fixes, through execution of defined test scenarios / test cases
** Attention to detail is a must.


** English is a must! No exceptions!
** A Degree in Computer Science of Electircal Engineerint - must
** 2 years of software testing experience in a dynamic environment - must
** Proven coding experience using Automated Testing tools such as Selenium
** Knowledge of and experience with Software Testing Principles and Software Quality Assurance
** Knowledge and preferably testing experience of database-intensive, large-scale applications and related technologies (e.g. SQL, HTML, XML, .NET, iOS, Android)
** Experience writing and executing manual test cases and scripts
** Experience implementing and utilizing automated web-based testing is preferred
** Good communication and personal skills: ability to interact and work well with members of other functional groups in a project team.

Salary: Fixed in USD.

To apply:

Please send your CV to:

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