Ad title: Translator
Provided by: Caucasus Translations
Published: Nov 8 / Deadline: Dec 8

Caucasus Translations LTD is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Business, technical, legal translators (English to Georgian, English to Russian, English to French.

We are seeking multiple qualified translators to work remotely on short/long-term projects on a freelance basis.

** Duties will include translation and editing from the English language into Georgian/Russian/French.
** Candidates must have 3+ years of translation experience in one of the above-mentioned fields.

Please send your CV and Resume to

In your CV please indicate your education level, any degree(s) you have achieved. We are looking for references as well - Please give us the names and contact details (address/email/phone) of 2 references who are familiar with your interpreting/translation work.

Step 1: Fill out online form:
Step 2: Send your CV and Resume to

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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