Ad title: Certified Quality Management System Auditor
Provided by: Company
Published: Nov 6 / Deadline: Dec 6

A company is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Certified Quality Management System Auditor.

Job Description: A certified QMS auditor ensures that standards of excellence are maintained during the production of goods or the execution of services.

Job Responsibilities:

** performs external audits at all stages of production, including reviews of raw materials, manufactured components and finished;
** assures the whole process in client company is meeting the requirements to fulfill the quality management system and customer requirements for demanded International Organization for Standardization (ISO)standard;
** develops testing parameters that are company-specific, in addition to administering audits established by the demanded ISO standard;
** audits current controls and performance monitoring elements to assess effectiveness;
** initiates the verification actions of the identified non-conformities and assess the effectiveness.
** prepares report(s) based on the results of stated audits/tests to be presented and shared with senior staff and clients;
** assists in the oversight of the client company management and maintenance of the policies and procedures for Risk Testing, Fraud Prevention, and Internal Controls;
** generates policies and procedures in accordance with demanded standard;
** ensures that all information of confidential nature is held in a secure and confidential method;
** ensures that all audit records and documentation are accurate and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Required qualification:

** business degree or related professional qualification;
** experience in implementing ISO 9001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 14001; ISO 27001; ISO 22000; GMP+FSA;
** three years of quality management or implementing quality management systems;
** proven experience in customer relationship management.

Key competencies:

** excellent communication skills;
** proficient verbal and written command of Georgian and English;
** organization and planning skills;
** problem analysis and problem-solving skills.

If you feel you have the required skills and experience to fulfill this role, please submit your CV, including photo, and minimum one Reference Letter to: and indicate in the subject line of your email the position you are applying for.

Selection: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for assessment (test) and interview.

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