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Resume don'ts
Oct 10, 2009

You may have read a number of resources about what a successful resume should look like, but it's equally important to know what a resume should NOT look like. We surveyed a couple of dozens of Human Resources Managers in Tbilisi about specific things that they disliked in a resume, and here is a list of the most frequent blunders:

  • Inappropriate photos of jobseekers partying, resting on a couch, riding a horse, leaning against a cool car, etc.

    I'm the one in the middle
  • An old Soviet type "autobiography" starting like "I, the jobseeker, was born there on that date..." - This is so last century...
  • List of your family members and their occupation - Still wondering why some government agencies require that.
  • Secondary school(s) that you have completed - Employers don't need to know that, unless it was a specialized school.
  • Plain list of the positions that you've held without description of your duties - Yes, it takes an effort to remember and list all of that. If you don't care, employers don't care either.
  • No dates, no numbers - That makes us think that you've got something to hide.
  • No contact information - Only too desperate employers will try to find you.
  • List of your hobbies - I don't think any employer will appreciate the fact that you love reading.
  • Text with mixed Georgian-English/Latin-Unicode fonts - Please keep it uniform.
  • Handwritten text - We understand that you may not have a computer, but there are places where you can use one for free or for a little fee.
  • Overly sophisticated style and design of your resume - Please keep it plain and simple. Content is the king.
This is not a complete list, but it gives a general idea about what to avoid in a resume. Please look through your own resume and see if you need to fix it. Remember: competition is tough and only those who try hard get that nice job.

Good luck in your job search!

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