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VIP listing for 7 days
Nov 14, 2008

If you are familiar with our VIP listing service and have ever tried to use it, you would notice that due to high demand and limited number of fields, it's not an easy task. In addition, VIP listing is far more expensive than regular listing.

That's why we designed a new service: VIP listing for 7 days, only for 50 lari.
  • Your ad will appear in VIP listing for 7 days. As you may already know, most number of applications are submitted within first 7 days after an ad is published;
  • After expiration of the 7 day period, your ad will be moved to the regular listing, where it will remain until expiration of application deadline;
  • 7 day VIP ads will have a priority in advance reservation.
This rate (50 lari) applies to a single announcement advertising 1 to 2 positions. If you would like to advertise more than 2 positions in a single announcement, the rates are as follows:

Over 2 positions per announcement: 70 lari.
Over 4 positions per announcement: 110 lari.
Over 6 positions per announcement: 150 lari.
Over 10 positions per announcement: 190 lari.
Over 15 positions per announcement: 230 lari.

For detailed description of the VIP listing service, please visit:

Please note:

7 day VIP ads will be published on our subscription list with Normal Priority status. After expiration of the 7-day period, the ads will be moved to the regular listing according to their publishing date, which means that they will not appear on the top of the list.

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