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VIP Listing - Now Only For 7 Days
Sep 27, 2010

In order to handle increased demand for VIP Listing and make it available to more clients without compromising its exclusivity, we have decided to limit the listing to 7 days. Starting from October 1, 2010, clients will be able to post their ads in VIP Listing only for 7 days, after which the ads will move to Regular Listing. Each client will be able to reserve maximum 2 places in VIP Listing at a time, depending on availability. Minimum interval between reservations will be 30 days.

The rate for 7 day VIP Listing will remain the same - 50 GEL. This rate applies to a single announcement advertising 1 to 2 positions. If you would like to advertise more than 2 positions in a single announcement, the rates are as follows:

Over 2 positions per announcement: 70 lari.
Over 4 positions per announcement: 110 lari.
Over 6 positions per announcement: 150 lari.
Over 10 positions per announcement: 190 lari.
Over 15 positions per announcement: 230 lari.

If you would like to make your ad more distinctive, add a logo for additional 20 GEL.

Happy recruiting!

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