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Hello and welcome to my blog!
Aug 2, 2007

Thanks for visiting. This blog will be updated around twice a month with useful advice for job seekers and updates on Georgian job market. Feel free to suggest topics and links at

New Jobs.GE - What's New

The new version of Jobs.GE website includes a number of new features, which have made the website more user-friendly and functional. Here's a complete list:

  • New design: We replaced blue with orange! No cells, just clear lines. Neat, huh?
  • Georgian interface, Georgian ads: From now on the entire website is available in Georgian too - just visit
  • Add your logo: From now on you make your ad more visible on the front page by placing a small logo next to your company/organization title. See full details at:
  • New tags: Those little things tell you whether an ad was published within last 2 days ( NEW ), Updated within last 2 days ( UPD ), is expiring in less than 2 days ( EXP ), or features a job located in a region of Georgia ( REG ).
  • Filter: The links located in the top right corner of the website lets visitors to group ads by type (Jobs / Scholarships / Trainings / Tenders/RFPs / Other).
  • All ads of same type: Each ad contains a link that lets you list all ads of that type - Jobs / Scholarships / Trainings / Tenders/RFPs / Other. The same can be done by using the Filter.
  • Free service for the benefit of children: We've been doing that since the very beginning, but now we're officially announcing free job listing service for local NGOs working on children-related issues
  • Director's Blog: That's what you're reading now.

As you see, there are many new features and improvements, and more will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned.

Lexo Khubulava

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