Request for Project Proposals
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Ad title: Request for Project Proposals
Provided by: OSCE HCNM
Published: Jan 11 / Updated: Jan 14 / Deadline: Jan 31
Attached file:
The High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) is seeking qualified partner non-governmental organization/s to implement a project to promote the participation of national minorities in political life in Georgia.


Since 2014 HCNM has been supporting the implementation of the project "Multiparty Dialogue - Strengthening the participation of national minorities in political life". This has been the first attempt to bring political parties together to discuss national minority issues in Georgia. The project aimed at creating more favourable political conditions and stronger intra-party systems in support of a more active participation by national minorities in the political life of Georgia. In particular, the project intended to create stronger internal institutional capacities of political parties, so that they could better guarantee the representation of the interests of national minorities in Georgian politics. The project also aimed at enhancing a political dialogue on the issue of national minority representation and, finally, nurturing stronger public support for the politics of integration. The project also aimed to address the issue that Georgia`s political parties have limited capacities when dealing with national minority specific issues and often try to focus on more general, country-wide issues during discussions.

For a long time, Georgia`s national minorities remained relatively uninvolved and inactive in Georgian politics, especially in terms of participating regularly in the life of political parties and the processes of elaborating key national policies. One underlying reason for this could be the dominant political party situation which has, for many years, reduced both incentives and means for political parties to reach out in the regions, especially those populated by national minorities. Another factor is the general institutional weakness of political parties and the low levels of intra-party democracy, which have contributed towards further reducing national minority representation and participation in politics. As a result, national minorities have largely remained on the outside when it comes to being adequately represented at both the institutional and political level by the majority of Georgian political parties.

The inadequate participation of national minorities in the political life of Georgia, including its political parties, is also a result of the weak organizational capacities and limited resources of Georgia`s political parties. This ranges from their capacity to develop agendas and policies that would be relevant to the national minorities, to having limited resources for investing in the regions. Consequently, opposition parties appear to be a less attractive option electorally due to the dominating influence of the ruling parties in these regions. Ruling and opposition parties alike have tended to rely on local influence networks as opposed to embracing bottom-up candidatures from national minority representatives. Taking into consideration that national minorities constitute around 13% of Georgia`s total population, the rationale for a more active political party engagement in the regions becomes self-evident. Evidence in recent elections suggests that voters in these areas no longer act according to stereotypes, and show an increased appetite for political pluralism.

Project coverage area: Tbilisi and regions settled with national minority populations of Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, and Samtskhe-Javakheti (Applicants can suggest other locations).

Proposed areas of intervention:

** The project should facilitate meaningful dialogue between political parties / movements and national minority representatives about their inclusion in the political life of Georgia both at central and regional levels;
** The project should involve parliamentary political parties, as well as major extra parliamentary opposition political parties and movements;
** The project activities should promote increased political participation of national minorities including youth in the political life both at central and regional levels;
** The project should involve already existing locally-based decision-making structures that involve national minorities in the project implementation, and increase their capacities as necessary;
** The project should cooperate with regional and central media outlets to increase the awareness of the wider public of the importance of national minority participation in the political life in Georgia;
** The project should support the implementation of existing mechanisms of national minority participation in party structures (if available) and build capacities of political parties as necessary;
** The project should attract relevant stakeholders at central and regional levels to ensure wider institutional support to the project aims;
** Overall, the project should aim at supporting the implementation of `the State Strategy for Civic Equality and Integration of Georgia (2016‒2020)" especially Strategic Goal 1. Equal and Full Participation in Civic and Political Life.

Applicant/s are encouraged to extend the scope of activities, with the relevant justification.

Timeframe: 15 March 2019 - 31 December 2020.
Funding: up to EUR 160,000

Who Can Apply:

non-profit, civil society organizations, think-tanks with demonstrated relevant experience in the field of national minorities, integration, political party development, and political representation. Applicants are strongly encouraged to partner with grass-roots national minority civil society organizations at central and/or regional levels, and clearly show their proposed level of involvement and division of labour in the proposal.

Procedures: The documents mentioned in the application instructions have to be submitted by email to by 31 January 2019. Proposals received after this deadline will not be accepted.

Application Instructions: Applicants should use the provided OSCE project proposal template and should include concrete content of the different activities proposed.

In addition to the project proposal, the following information should be provided:

1. Staffing Plan:

** Roles and Responsibilities;
** CV`s of Key Staff.

2. Institutional Capability (should not exceed 1 page): Describe the applicant`s technical and administrative experience and capabilities in conducting projects similar to the project proposed.
3. Completion of `Implementing Partner Questionnaire`: See provided form.
4. Budget: Provide a detailed budget explaining the use of funds by activities. Please use the provided template.
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