Exchange Study visit to the U.S.
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Ad title: Exchange Study visit to the U.S.
Provided by: USAID/PROLoG
Published: Jul 13 / Deadline: Aug 3
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Overview of Expanded USAID-funded Judicial Education and Exchange Activities for Civil and Administrative Judges.

The United States Agency for International Development, through the East-West Management Institute-implemented Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia Activity (PROLoG), is pleased to be expanding its activities to further strengthen the professional capacity of individual civil and administrative judges in Georgia to work effectively and efficiently, and to provide additional opportunities to acquire skills in such areas as leadership, change management, court management, judicial ethics and judicial discipline. This further capacity development will be achieved by supporting activities that will enable Georgian judges to have more direct interactions with U.S. judges, administrators, and judicial educators. As part of these activities, PROLoG will design a number of activities to bring Georgian civil and administrative judges to the United States. These activities started in Spring 2018 and are expected to continue through Spring 2020.

One of the primary activities will be a series of study visits for groups of Georgian civil and administrative judges to visit selected federal and state courts to learn more about court management, court performance standards, judicial ethics and discipline, courtroom communications and communications with case parties, protecting human rights, bar-bench relations, gender equality in the courts, and independence guarantees for judges, including the role of judicial associations in promoting judicial independence. The judges will have an opportunity to observe trials during the visits and may also meet with other legal professionals, including judicial and bar associations, training and education centers, law firms, prosecutors` offices, legal aid providers, activist legal NGOs, etc. Some study visits may incorporate training events at the National Judicial College or similar judicial training facilities.

PROLoG will also arrange for a series of training opportunities for Georgian civil and administrative judges in the U.S. at the National Judicial College or similar educational institutes. These opportunities may include courses on topics such as "Leadership for Judges," "Judicial Decision Making," "Ethics, Fairness, and Security," or "Legal English."

Further, for a few Georgian civil and administrative judges with sufficient command of English, PROLoG will organize more in-depth placements for the judges in U.S. courts. These longer placements will provide the opportunity for intense interaction with U.S. judges on topics such as court and case management techniques, courtroom management skills, how to work with clerks and other court staff, communications with counsel and litigants, how to handle sensitive Information and types of cases (including concerning gender-based violence), and judicial ethics. [Please note: Before being accepted for an in-depth placement, short-listed candidates will have their English reading, speaking and listening ability tested. Successful applicants must have professional-level legal English and a familiarity with English legal terms. In terms of overall proficiency, this will be the equivalent of at least Cambridge Level B2 or IELTS Level 6.]

In addition, PROLoG will be bringing U.S. judges to Georgia to provide advice to Georgian judges on management, communications, and ethical issues.

In total, PROLoG anticipates bringing almost 100 civil and administrative judges to the U.S. between Spring 2018 and Spring 2020 for one of the listed activities. Approximately 70 Georgian judges will be brought to the U.S. for study tours of 10 days. Approximately 16 judges will be brought to the U.S. for one-week training trips. Approximately eight Georgian judges will be brought to the U.S. for in-depth placements of approximately seven days. The participants for each opportunity will be decided by a selection committee. PROLoG serves as the Secretariat for the selection committee but is not a voting member of the committee. Judges will be selected by a committee of experts led by USAID through an objective and fair process in which all judges with the same qualifications receive equal treatment.

Those Georgian civil and administrative judges interested in being considered for opportunities to travel to the U.S. for either a study visit, training opportunity or in-depth placement must apply for each opportunity as it becomes available. To apply, judges must complete the background information form for that specific opportunity.

No judge will be brought to the U.S. for more than one activity. Not being selected for one opportunity will not affect a judge`s chances of being selected for another opportunity at a later date. Judges should only apply for those opportunities where the expected travel dates fit with their schedules.

You can learn more about USAID`s PROLoG project at: and
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