Call for Papers
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Ad title: Call for Papers
Provided by: Journal of Constitutional Law
Published: Jun 19 / Deadline: Aug 1
The periodical of the Constitutional Court of Georgia "Journal of Constitutional Law", supported by Grigol Robakidze University, announces call for papers for its next issue.

About the Journal:

The Journal is issued by the Constitutional Court of Georgia ( with support of Grigol Robakidze University ( The Journal aims at engaging academic discussion around the constitutional law. The Journal is international refereed (peer-reviewed). It is in the list of Ulirchsweb peer-reviewed periodicals, the papers published in the Journal are also placed on the HeinOnline and can be accessed by scholars and students from over 150 countries.

Information for the potential contributors:

Contributors are free in choosing the topic for the paper, as long as the research topic is related with the constitutional law, special focus is on topics of constitutional review.
Call for papers is announced for the following types of works:

** Academic Paper;
** Article;
** Student paper;
** Case Review;
** Book Review.
** Papers should be original work, should not have been previously published;
** Papers should be topical, focused on problematic or relevant issue of the constitutional law;
** Papers should aim at engaging in the existing discussion within the field or provoke a new one, papers should be strongly argued and viewpoints should be reasoned;

In case of using methodology, it should be consistently followed.

Technical Requirements:

** Papers can be provided in Georgian or in English. An abstract of 100 words should also be provided as well as a short resume of the author. During editing, size or content can be corrected. Editing is provided by the Constitutional Court of Georgia.
** All types of papers go through visual processing, fonts, font colors, page margins, line spacing, paragraph spacing and other formatting may change.

Copyright Statement:

Contributors grant an exclusive license to the Journal, which also includes the right to reproduce in both paper and electronic format, translation, visual reproduction. Contributors retain the right to the material reworked form in other publications provided that the journal is acknowledged as the original place of publication and is notified in writing and in advance; Works are published under - creative commons License, specifically Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 2.0 License, which entails the right to use for any purposes with the condition of attribution.

Rules for submitting the papers:

** Papers are submitted by the authors. Final decision regarding the publishing is made by the Editorial Board of the Journal.
** Submitted papers should be finalized. Authors will be informed of the decision no later than one month from submission. Within this period, authors may be asked to make corrections, for which, based on the magnitude of corrections, the Journal gives relevant period of time.
** The papers should be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word *.doc), requirements for each type of paper can be accessed here:

When selecting papers, quality and prominence is decisive. Papers should be in line with ethics rules (prohibition of plagiarism, reference and quotation rules, accessible here:

Submission of papers and communication with the Journal can be made through the following e-mail:

The deadline for submission is August 1, 2018.

We wish you success!
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