Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
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Ad title: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
Provided by: Caucasus University
Published: May 25 / Deadline: Jun 25
Caucasus School of Business is announcing 31st intake for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program.

CSB offers flexible western style MBA program, which is designed for those seeking high-level career goals in business. The program provides knowledge and skills in a wide range of business disciplines and offers unique opportunity to examine current business and management issues. It gives chance to students to compete more effectively and efficiently in today`s highly competitive business environment.

MBA program has three specialization tracks: Management, Finance and Marketing.

In 21st century, where there is a boom of globalization and increased competitiveness, knowledge is one of the most powerful tool and determinant of success. In order to achieve goals, one must be really a straight arrow with strong educational background. CSB-MBA is employer approved program and graduates are highly appreciated among all institutions in Georgian business community. Our MBA program provides outstanding theoretical knowledge and skills, as well as, practical experience.

CSB-MBA program is structured and modeled after GSU MBA program, recognized as one of the top American flexible MBA programs in the United States. This is one of the most exciting high quality content MBA program in South Caucasus, with three major phases required for program completion:

** 15 core courses for all students;
** 5 specialization courses;
** Applied master project

Therefore, our MBA program is 100% adjusted to modern business reality and gives huge opportunities for future career and personal development.

We have high quality faculty those who have outstanding educational and real life experience gathered in US and European top universities which brings additional value in classroom.

CSB has extensive partner relationship with 44 educational institutions across the globe. As recognition of our international influence Caucasus School of Business is continuously awarded for its continental links by the International Scientific Committee of "Eduniversal", which is the only and highest rank throughout the country.

Students can choose from two options of structure: flexible 3 to 5 years program and fulltime 2 years program. Classes are offered in evening hours, allowing working students to attend the program.

Students must have high level of English proficiency, as all classes are delivered in English.

Papers to be submitted:

** Two letters of recommendation;
** Notarized copies of diplomas and transcripts
** CV/Resume;
** 1 passport size photo;
** Copy of ID card;
** Military Service Card (male applicants only);
** Cover letter

Important Dates:

** The timeline for submitting documents: From August 27 until September 3, 2018
** Test of CSB admission committee will be held on September 5, 2018 (19:00)
** Interview with the Admission Commission will be held on September 7-8, 2018

Tuition fees of study: 14,700 GEL - flexible payment structure paid by number of subjects taken each semester.
While studying at the Mater`s Program, CU Scholarship can be used as a source of funding. CU Scholarship covers 50% of the full cost of the program, which can be obtained in the case:

** Applicant holds Bachelor`s Degree of any University
** And Applicant`s Grade Point Average (GPA) on the Bachelor`s level is 3.5 and higher.

Contact info:

Department of Graduate Studies, Caucasus School of Business, Caucasus University
1 Paata Saakadze Str. Tbilisi 0102, Georgia
Paata Brekashvili - Office: 2 377777 (455); Cell: 599 457040
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