English language Summer Camp
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Ad title: English language Summer Camp
Provided by: Arrow Club
Published: May 10 / Deadline: Jun 10
Arrow Club starts the registration for summer English language Camp I speak.

Our summer language camp I Speak offers an intensive educational program in an unforgettable summer holiday environment. Knowledge of the English language is becoming an invaluable skill for fully participating in today`s developed society. The aim of the 10 day I Speak Camp is not only to practice English, but also to actively improve the child`s skills throughout each day in the presence of native English speakers.

The educational program consists of 2 hour morning and 2 hour evening lessons in which a native speaker English teacher actively works with children in classrooms or in beautiful outdoor areas. The course focuses mainly on improvement the children`s conversational skills and active perception of the language and pronunciation. The goal is not just to understand a foreign language, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak.

In addition to the lessons, the children enjoy time with their teachers throughout the whole day, participating in fun activities such as sports, games, competitions, sightseeing trips, camp fires, discos and parties, so they speak English all day long. The teachers not only describe the sights, but also later help the children to remember this special experience by incorporating it into the lessons.

If your child has at least a basic knowledge of English and you would like them to improve their knowledge by working with native speaker teachers, then don`t hesitate to accept our invitation to join I Speak Summer Camp in a beautiful Bazaleti Training Centre.

Camp price 990 Gel. The price includes transfer, accommodation, meals and tuition, sport activities, certificate.

Departure: July 9
Arrival: July 18

To register please fill the Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYZ-7MfoarkbgD0l4fXB4SzqEwgZ3Pn-4hL-lJXi98KljY3g/viewform

For further information please contact: 579 494848, info.arrowclub2@gmail.com
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