Tender on Developing Multi-Hazard Simulation Application
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Ad title: Tender on Developing Multi-Hazard Simulation Application
Provided by: Bridge - Innovation and Development
Published: Dec 6 / Deadline: Dec 22
"Institutionalization, Replication and Dissemination of ECHO DRR Interventions in South Caucasus"
Developing Multi-Hazard Simulation Application


In June, 2016 the fourth phase of the EC-funded project "Improving Resilience of Communities and Institutions in the South Caucasus" (DIPECHO Phase IV) has been officially launched. It aimed increasing resilience and reducing the vulnerability of communities and local institutions in areas prone to natural hazards, as well as boosting the local capacities of communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters.

Currently BRIDGE - Innovation Development (hereafter BRIDGE) is in the initial phase of implementing another EC-funded project "Institutionalization, Replication and Dissemination of ECHO DRR Interventions in South Caucasus" (DIPECHO Phase V) which aims ensuring a sustainable strategy of previous ECHO DRR interventions in the final exit phase. The action shall be focused on advocacy, institutionalization, replication of the best practices and models developed within the framework of the previous ECHO-funded DRR interventions in Georgia. The action shall finalize capacity building efforts to strengthen government`s abilities to plan, manage and respond to disasters at all levels, as well as to develop "prevention culture" among population and within communities in particular. One of the main gaols is to undertake efforts to encourage private sector to contribute to resilience building in Georgia.

BRIDGE - Innovation Development is spin-off of Oxfam has strong experience and capacity in managing DRR projects. Starting from its establishment it has successfully completed various DRR projects, including financed by DG ECHO, Visegrad, SlovakAid, etc. and is currently in the initial phase of implementing another DRR project funded by DG ECHO (DIPECHO Phase V). BRIDGE has established partnerships with all major stakeholders in the DRR field in Georgia. This in its turn supports smoother initiation, planning and execution of the proposed activities and provides possibilities for building synergies with other existing/ongoing projects.

Goal: To develop Digital Multi-Hazard Simulation Application in order to support in increasing practical capacity of the leading emergency management agencies in Georgia to effectively respond to and coordinate multi-hazard natural disasters in the country.


Following objective should be achieved:

Built capacity of the national and regional emergency management government actors to use Digital Multi-Hazard Simulation Innovative application and training module tailored for complex multi-hazard disaster scenarios.

Activities and Deliverables:

The local IT development company will be required to create/develop Digital Multi-Hazard Simulation Innovative application and training module tailored for complex multi-hazard disaster scenarios. An innovative simulation training game shall be developed in close collaboration with the key country stakeholders and adapted to the country context, hazards and agencies being involved in the emergency management related to natural disasters. The application shall serve as the desk training through an on-line application including several multi-hazard complex disaster scenarios with a content based on real disasters. It shall be created in close cooperation and consultation with the key agencies and institutions engaged in the emergency management in Georgia: Emergency Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Security and Crisis Management Council. The application shall include the current country strategic plans and procedures, mapping of stakeholders that should be involved in response and shall allow assigning natural roles for all players as per country emergency management structure and contingency plans, including such tools as internal communicator, countdown timer. The application shall be developed by game developers and shall be available in Georgian and English language. In addition, a series of introductory trainings to the e-learning tool and pre-tests conducted and facilitate by program experts who shall prepare tailored simulation exercises in collaboration with the key emergency management stakeholders in Georgia. The game/application shall be adjusted to conduct simulations at both national and regional level. Emergency Facilitators Training of Trainers shall be delivered for future game/desk simulation on-line who should know on how to coordinate the game dynamics and communication, move the exercise forward and who shall be able to facilitate discussions after each training and organize debriefings on strong and weak elements of the actions and communication analyse lessons learned for the future.

The specific tasks include but not limited to:

** Together with BRIDGE - Innovation and Development and other stakeholders (State Security and Crisis Management Council, Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Situations Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center of Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, National Environment Agency) discuss structure, content and inputs of the applications;
** In coordination with BRIDGE - Innovation and Development and other stakeholders elaborate and agree on application development budgeting schedule and timeline of activities;
** Elaborate initial draft of the application and share it with BRIDGE - Innovation and Development and other stakeholders for possible inputs, comments and/or remarks;
** Develop the application and related training module;
** Elaborate plan for dissemination of the application via trainings;
** In cooperation with BRIGDE - Innovation and Development facilitators hold a series of introductory trainings/ToTs to the tool and its use.

Qualification and Experience required for the applicant organization:

** IT Development Company with at least 2 years of operation history.
** Experience in developing online programs/applications.
** Proven testimony of developed programs/applications.
** Experience in working with various governmental/non-governmental institutions.


The contract will be financed through DIPECHO funded programme and will be reimbursed within the amount of 6.000 EUR. Within this amount the company should cover all costs related to the development of the application. Payment tranches to be agreed with the selected local IT development company accordingly to timeline.

Duration of the assignment:

** The duration of the contract: starting from January up to 3 month.
** Duration: no more than three months.

Selection Conditions:

** Organization should submit following documentation
** Contact details;
** Concept and timeline of the assignment to be completed;
** Budget of the assignment.

Organizations/companies are required to submit the following additional documents:

** Registration document of the legal entity;
** Letter from the tax department or judiciary confirming that the organization is not being reorganized or liquidated and that there is no bankruptcy case against it;
** Copies of audited accounts for the last two years;
** Letter from the Tax Department confirming that the organization has no overdue payments to the State budget.

Interested applicants should submit qualification documents in English in a sealed envelope and indicate the purpose of assignment "Application Development".

Application submission deadline: 22 December, 2017.

Submission to:

BRIDGE - Innovation and Development
20 Kipshidze Street, appt. 2
Tbilisi, 0162, Georgia
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