Marketing Consultant
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Ad title: Marketing Consultant
Provided by: USAID Zrda Activity
Published: Dec 5 / Updated: Dec 8 / Deadline: Dec 15
As part of our new product development work, Zrda and other stakeholders including the Ministry of Culture, NGO Georgian House, The National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, and TBC Fund, are working to support the development and restoration of Chachkari village in Samtskhe-Javakheti to become a premier cultural tourism destination, which will expand the product offering for Vardzia visitors and will help Vardzia and its surrounding communities evolve into a more comprehensive and sustainable destination. Chachkari village revitalization will add a human dimension to the monumental nature of the Vardzia attraction through the promotion traditional Meskhetian culture and architecture, while also providing new income opportunities for village residents. Chachkari village is located in Akhalkalaki Municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti region in the south of Georgia. Chachkari is included in the proposed Khertvisi-Vardzia Valley Cultural Heritage Landscape included in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage sites, with the intent that it will be promoted for eventual inscription in the World Heritage List in the coming 5-10 years (pending restoration and rehabilitation works on several of the monuments to be included in the landscape listing). Chachkari village is located directly behind the Vardzia Cave City Monument, which is one of the most visited destinations in Georgia, presenting a compelling opportunity for the village and its residents to benefit from this influx of tourists and tourism spending.

The Chachkari Activity will support a whole village destination development concept that is intended to revitalize the village, which has been more or less abandoned for 50 years. During Fiscal Year 2017 (October 2016 - September 2017), Zrda supported the establishment of the Chachkari Development Fund (CDF) with legal consultations and activities planned for FY 2018 will continue to support the capacity development of CDF and provide support to residents from Gogosheni to reengage in commercial activities, both agriculture and tourism. This assignment is envisioned as part of the CDF capacity building work and will serve to support outreach, marketing and fundraising efforts of CDF.

The Chachkari project has already reached several critical milestones in the revitalization process, including:

** Completed the 3D scanning of the entire central part of the village;
** Architectural drawings and restoration plans have been finalized finalized, including calculations for restorations.
** Zrda invited experts from Romania and France to evaluate and provide recommendations on the potential for commercialization and new product development opportunities for CDF and local residents within the overall revitalization process. In order to also share experiences, the CDF Director and members of Georgian House and Zrda visited village revitalization projects in Transylvania, Romania.
** The CDF has been registered as a local entity and several mobilization meetings are planned between CDF and Chachkari/Gogosheni residents to begin the familiarization and stakeholder participation process.

As a result of this activities, several document have been produced, all of which will be made available to the consultant as background information necessary for implementation of this scope of work. Such materials include the following:

** Vardzia-Khertvisi-Oloda Project - NGO Georgian House
** Chachkari Village Rehabilitation Project - NGO Georgian House
** Chachkari Village Evaluation and Recommendations Report by Romanian/French Experts - Zrda Activity
** Chachkari Development Fund registration documentation and organizational charter/founding documents - CDF

The consultant will also benefit from in-depth discussions with the CDF Director, Georgian House Experts, and Zrda staff involved in the activity. Site visits can be arranged for the consultant to visit Chachkari/Gogosheni if required.

Motivation/Need for the Project Briefing & Marketing Book for Chachkari Village:

To-date the documentation and conceptual foundation of the Chachkari Revitalization Activity reside with several different stakeholders (CDF, Georgian House, Zrda, TBC Fund, and the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. Furthermore, the complete project plan, including commercialization plan, remains under development by CDF and is not expected to be completed until Spring 2018 at the earliest. As such, there is not a single document in existence that currently summarizes the vision of the Chachkari project, its intended impact and its current status for external audiences. There is a clear need to develop a single, unified "Project Briefing/Vision/Impact Book(let)" that can serve as a key marketing document for key stakeholders (CDF, Georgian House, Zrda, etc.) to use for conveyance of the powerful imagery and potential impact of the project in terms of cultural heritage preservation as well as local economic development. The proposed book(let) shall be designed so that it effectively tells the story of the Chachkari project in a manner that is compelling from both the visual and narrative perspective. The book(let) shall be used to communicate with all potential interested implementation or financing partners to help drive forward a consistent and compelling project narrative. The book(let) shall focus on the project`s vision, its touristic, commercial and cultural heritage preservation value, and it`s potential impact on the lives of local Chachkari/Gogosheni residents and other local stakeholders. The book(let) will be the primary document used by CDF for fundraising and public relations/outreach efforts in support of the project.

Scope of Work Tasks:

The following tasks are expected of the consultant under this scope of work:

** Complete review of existing documentation provided by project stakeholders (CDF, Georgian House, ZRDA) and interview key stakeholders about their visions for the project as well as specific objectives for the short (within 2 years), medium (2-5 years), and long (more than 5 years) term.
** Develop road map for the Project Briefing & Marketing Book concept, including an outline of the proposed visual and narrative elements as well as recommendation for essential content that shall be included in the book(let).
** Prepare design mock-up(s) for the book(let) and conduct focus groups with key audiences (as defined under task # 1) to determine the recommendation for the final design look and feel.
** Finalize the booklet in full color, high-resolution versions appropriate for high quality printing in both Georgian and English Languages. The Georgian version shall be created first and Zrda will provide the translation into English as well as proof reading by a native English speaker.

Scope of Work Deliverables:

** Summary of key themes and ideas resulting from document review and stakeholder interviews to be provided to CDF, Georgian House and Zrda in a debriefing meeting.
** Completed concept road map and outline of proposed visual and narrative elements as well as description of essential content to be included.
** Completed design mock-ups (1 or more to be determined by the outcome of task # 1) in the appropriate electronic format to be agreed upon with Zrda. Recommendation on the final draft version of the book(let) based on the outcomes of the focus groups.
** Final Project Briefing Book(let) in both Georgian and English versions in the appropriate electronic format that is ready for sending to an appropriate local printing house for production.

Estimated Level of Effort:

The consultant shall be hired on a short-term consultancy agreement with Chemonics International, Inc. (Georgia) with an expected level of effort not to exceed 20 working days and the overall assignment shall be completed within a maximum period of 2 months.

Qualifications of the Consultant:

** 5 years of experience in working as a marketing consultant, or developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives.
** Experience of creating a wide range of different marketing materials.
** At least three successful projects implemented in similar or relevant direction (portfolio has to be provided in advance)
** Demonstrate technical knowledge in: Keynote, Prez, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator or other relevant applications./or outsource the activities based on the project needs.
** Bachelor and/or Masters degree in Business or Marketing.
** Strong analytical and project management skills
** Confident and dynamic personality.
** Strong creative outlook

If interested and qualified, please send your CV(in English), cover letter and portfolio to: Please indicate "Marketing consultant" in the subject line of your email. Applications deadline is 18:00, December 15, 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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