Payroll & Personnel Specialist in HR Department
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Ad title: Payroll & Personnel Specialist in HR Department
Provided by: LC Waikiki
Published: Oct 26 / Deadline: Nov 26
LC Waikiki is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Payroll & Personnel Specialist in HR Department.

Job Description:

** He/She prepares personnel file sof country staff, makes sure all the personnel have necessary documents in their personnel folders by contacting them and obtaining these documents
** He/She contacts the personnel in case there is a change in the legislation and need to add new documents, obtains the documents.
** He/She adds annual leave, travel order or any written permit documents received from the personnel to personnel folders along with the signatures.
** According to the requests from related departments, He/She prepares compulsory legal documents needed in terms of legislation or termination of employment processes, obtains signatures and adds to personnel folders
** Within the frame of audits conducted by legal authorities or audit teams, He/She makes sure all the necessary documents are present in the personnel folders
** He/She controls whether the employees in the payment list are registered in Harmony.
** He/She makes sure annual leave data of all employees is correct.
** He/She makes sure bank account information of all employees is correct.
** He/She registers newly recruited personnel into Harmony, detects missing information and makes sure information is complete and up to date.
** He/She performs exit processes of the employees leaving the job, completes missing information and keeps it up to date.
** He/She makes sure that the employee information is complete and up to date, detects missing information and completes.
** He/She manages the process in which work and residence permits of expatriates in the country He/ She is responsible for are obtained.
** He/She makes sure the benefits of the expatriate are being used in comply with company rules.
** He/She manages legal processes of the expatriates needing extend of agreements or expatriates who are leaving the job.

Desired Skills & Experience:

Education & Language Skills:

** University Degree in a relevant field
** Fluent English (both written & verbal)

Professional Expertise:

** Minimum 1 year of payroll administration experience
** Strong knowledge of payroll practices involving salaries, hourly, sales commission employees
** Excellent organizational and time management skills to meet payroll and period closing deadlines.
** Capable of discretely handling confidential information
** Analytical mindset that is able to innovate and improve existing processes
** Knowledge of MS Office programs

Please send your CVs in English language to:
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