Training in Project Management for Consulting
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Ad title: Training in Project Management for Consulting
Provided by: EBRD
Published: Oct 23 / Deadline: Nov 24
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Know project management for consulting.
See how to put it into practice.

Project management for consulting
Training course for business consultants
12-15 December 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

Learn the project management skills to meet the demands of sophisticated clients and deliver larger and more complex projects. This course provides the tools, methodologies and processes to deliver high quality projects, on-time, within budget, and within minimal risk. Held in Tbilisi on 12-15 December 2017 (four full days), this course gives a complete overview of project management for consulting.

Know how to apply project management to consulting:

This course will help you:

** Understand how to apply project management principles and best practices specifically to consulting projects
** Employ these best practices across every phase of the project from initiation through planning, execution, monitoring and control and closing a project
** Develop tools for project scoping, creating a project plan, assessing and managing project risk, scheduling, budgeting and budget control, controlling and managing change
** Learn how to control and manage the contracting process
** Estimate and schedule task work, duration and costs with confidence
** Implement risk management techniques and mitigation strategies
** Lead a project team and monitor project progress through successful execution.

The course is interactive and includes practical exercises and real life examples, walking you through a sample consulting project from beginning to end. The trainers are all experienced project management and consulting practitioners, who have seen the difference that skilful project management makes. You will also have the opportunity to meet other consultants, learn from each other experiences and develop a professional network

Opening up opportunities. We know how.

The training will be delivered by PCMI Limited UK, who have been selected by the EBRD because they are experienced practitioners, who know what it takes to successfully sell advice.

The training course fee is GEL 523 and the course will be delivered in English. The price includes training hand-out materials, refreshments and a follow-up consulting/coaching or additional workshop session provided two months after the course.

To participate, please fill out the online application form by clicking on the link by COB 24 November 2017.

For additional inquiries please send an e-mail to: or call us on 244 7423, or 244 7400.

At the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), we don`t just provide finance. We also provide business advice to small and medium-sized businesses in 26 countries, working with more than 6,000 consultants and over 1,500 international experts.

We believe that businesses need professional know-how to grow and stay competitive. But we also know how important it is for consultants to keep broadening their expertise so they can offer truly best-in-class solutions to their clients. The Grow Your Consulting Business Training Series is a set of training courses that shares essential skills, resources and techniques for effective and impactful consulting, as well as for running a successful consulting business. So, whether you`re an expert looking to use your knowledge as a professional consultant, a young consultant seeking to build up your skills, a senior member of a consulting firm eager to learn about new specialisations or the owner of a consulting business seeking to enhance your business model, get the training you need to step up your game.

There are six courses:

** Management consulting essentials
** Starting a consulting business
** Managing a consulting business
** Marketing and selling consulting services
** Business diagnostics for consulting
** Project management for consulting.

Know your trainers:

Ian Glenister PMP

Ian Glenister is the Managing Director of a business consultancy, PCMI Limited UK, and a senior project management consultant/trainer with over 20 years of experience. He is recognised as a subject matter expert by a number of global organisations.

He worked for various leading companies across the globe with experience in a lots of functions including IT, finance, business change and e-commerce. Projects have ranged in size from a few thousand Euros to over $3 billion.

With experience in both the Government and Private sectors, he has worked with Waterfall and Agile lifecycles within industries such as aviation, banking, IT, FMCG, telecommunications, nuclear, and oil and gas to name a few. Ian has designed and developed training programmes that are now delivered across the globe but can additionally provide practical experience that translates theory into usable methodologies.
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